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Chicken & Orzo Bake

Ingredients: 2 chicken breast1 Tblspn olive oil1 Tblspn butterSalt/pepper½ jar Mamia’s medium sauce¾ cup orzo1 diced ...

Jackfruit “Pulled Pork” Taco with Corn Salsa

 Tuesday it’s not Tuesday without tacos! Delicious jackfruit cooked in rich Ethiopian sauce, juicy sweet corn salsa,...


Our Story

At Mamia's we are passionate about bringing authentic Ethiopian food to your dinner table. We prepare our sauces in small batches, combining fresh produce with spices sourced directly from Ethiopia to capture the true taste of Ethiopian home cooking. No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

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Grab some inspirations with our vegan and gluten free recipes made with the Mamia's range of Ethiopian Sauces.


Mamia's is an extremely versatile and simple sauce to use. Some of the more popular ways being a curry paste, stew, soup, marinade, pizza base, stir fry, nachos, relish on a burger or sandwich or simply as a dip with corn chips.

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