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Mamia's is an award winning sauce made in Wellington that can be used in a variety of ways. Some of the more popular being a curry paste or stew, bbq marinade, pizza base, stir fry, nachos, relish on a burger or sandwich, or as a dip with some corn chips.

We believe great food should be at the heart of every gathering. It brings people together connecting us across tables, continents, and oceans in the most intimate and joyful way. For us, cooking is a ritual a passion that has never left, and has travelled with us from Ethiopia to New Zealand.

At Mamia's we are passionate about bringing authentic Ethiopian food to your dinner table. We prepare our sauces in small batches, combining fresh produce with spices sourced directly from Ethiopia to capture the true taste of Ethiopian home cooking. No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

Our story Mamias, meaning "Mothers" in Ethiopian was inspired by the passing of my beautiful Mum "Almaz" who we lost shortly after I arrived in NZ as a child refugee. Being a mother of three has helped me to realise the sacrifices she made. Knowing the struggles she went through to provide and give us a better life will always be in my heart, believing she is always with me gives me the passion to continue.

Mamia's is an extremely versatile and simple sauce to use. Some of the more popular ways being a curry paste, stew, soup, marinade, pizza base, stir fry, nachos, relish on a burger or sandwich or simply as a dip with corn chips. The sauce is ready to go, use it as you wish!

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